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Businesses need qualified, ready-to-work employees. ​

All of our offerings are available at no cost to clients on both sides of the job search. We work with employers simplify the hiring process by matching open positions to our database of job seekers.

On-the-Job Training 

A number of our clients require specialized knowledge and/or skillsets. We have supported our clients with specialized training funding and on-the-job training opportunities. Local employers are able to recoup some of the extraordinary expenses connected with training new employees placed through our services while enabling these new hires to become valuable contributors to the company's success. 


Onsite Recruitments, Hiring Events, and Job Fairs

We recognize that face-to-face interactions​ are an integral part to a successful job placement. A key strategy for making these connections are our on-site recruitments and job fairs which are provided to help to link employers with job seekers in real time. In 2018 we hosted more than 60 events on behalf of local employers, filling more than 150 positions. Here are just a few of the dozens of hiring events we hosted: Corovan, Nourish Inc., AB&I Foundry, Home Depot, Nordstrom, Ocho Candy, United States Census, Amazon, and Panera Bread.


Additional Employer Services: 
  • Posting and disseminating job openings across our network of service providers and individual job seekers via digital and traditional print media.

  • Connecting with resources at EASTBAY Works Online for additional services and for posting jobs to their network.

  • Offering information about tax incentives, wages and benefits, employment trends, and other issues and events of interest to businesses, which are available through direct contact with a Business Services Representative and on the EASTBAY Works web site

  • Providing support for candidate recruitment, screening ,and referral

  • Supporting the organization and the employee to enhance employee retention and skills development

  • Customizing on-the-job training assistance

  • Providing current labor market information

  • Providing lay-off assistance, including State compliance requirements

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Contact our Business Services/Rapid Response Manager, Cheryl Maier for more information.


Phone: (510) 675-7914

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