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How to Give Kitchen Cabinet a New Finish

One can’t simply imagine a kitchen without cabinets in it. After a few years of using them constantly, the shine may get dull, and you need to refinish them. The problem is, how you can make them new without replacement? Go through this valuable guide by LaserLevelHub to change the look of your kitchen cabinets like a pro.

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Clean Surface Thoroughly

Before you start refinishing the kitchen, it’s important to scrub the surface of the cabinet for cleaning stubborn grease stains. You can use different organic solutions to clean cabinets and let the wood dry until we move to the next step. Before removing cabinets from a place, label them so you can fit them back.

Scrub the Hardware

To eliminate oil and grease from cabinets, ensure you have a soapy mixture ready in a large container to soak hardware for 30-45 minutes. It must not contain harsh chemicals and dyes that can mess with the material. With the help of a sponge, you can scrub again to completely remove stains from a surface.


Polishing depends on the kind of cabinets you have. If you want to re-apply old polish, you can take a sample of a cabinet with you or show a picture to the dealer for getting the right polish. Once you have a polish, apply it on all cabinets by adopting the dabbing method and leave it to dry. Some cabinets require scrubbing so you can check what method is suitable for the material. You can also learn about Helpful Product Reviews and Comparison to invest in the right item.


Now it’s time for stripping, and for this, you have to sit in an open environment to make it work perfectly. By determining finishing on the wood, you have to choose a stripping agent. From the lacquer to a water-based finish, it all depends on your cabinet, and you need to evaluate it. For this purpose, protect your skin from the agent by wearing protective gear. Start applying a stripping agent from a corner and check if it’s working. If you are satisfied, keep working on the whole cabinet.

Wood Painting

If you want the kitchen to adopt a new theme, select a paint that can give a vibrant look to the whole place. It’s always a good idea to apply a fresh coat of paint to the cabinet within room temperature. If applying paint in extreme weather, the wood may expand or shrink. To protect the paint on cabinets for a long time, you can apply wax on the surface. It will maintain paint shine for years, and later you can refinish them.


If you love to attempt DIY projects, then read List of Top Remodeling Tools to Buy - Best Product Reviews to always keep your kit ready. Without going through a major renovation, you can refinish kitchen cabinets anytime, and it will give a new look to the whole place. We all love to renovate different parts of our home, and the kitchen is the main. This project will give you the confidence to attempt more renovation at home.


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