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How To Start Your ESA Proficient Canine Consideration? - 2022 Guide

There are various therapies and medications that are used to treat mental illness. One of the most effective and popular therapy is ESA therapy. This therapy involves an emotional support animal and it helps you in your treatment. You have to attain an official ESA Letter from your therapist to become eligible for keeping an ESA. This particular prescription letter works as a permission letter for mentally disabled people. If you want to know more about the emotional support animals and their key characteristics, then keep on reading this article.

Are you struggling with poor mental health? Nowadays, mental health has become one of the major concerns for almost everyone. It is important to take care of your mind to be able to perform your daily tasks effectively. Many people ignore the initial symptoms that may include sadness, stress, lack of energy, lack of motivation to do daily tasks, lack of interest in the activities you used to enjoy, and many others. People often attribute these symptoms to simply being tired or over-worked.

So, if you are experiencing these symptoms, you should not take your mental health for granted and immediately consult your therapist.

Poor mental health can lead to severe consequences, such as affecting your daily routine, relationships, work-life, and physical health. We tend to feel more agitated and on the edge when mentally ill. People often get so hopeless and frustrated with the mental turmoil that they become suicidal. Many deaths have been reported due to depression and other mental health diseases; hence, it is mandatory to take care of our mental health as much we take care of our physical health.

Most common emotional support animals

Emotional support animals are a great source for mentally ill people to receive emotional comfort and relief to feel better. They help them deal with a range of mental health conditions and emotional instability. It is scientifically proven that being around animals can significantly increase the production of dopamine and serotonin, which makes a person feel happy, loved, and calm. Animals show love and care towards their owners and provide them with a loving and caring company so that they do not feel alone and depressed. Any domestic animal can be used for emotional support therapy. Usually, the emotional support animals are small and easy to handle in public. Though there are several different types of animals used ESAs, the most common types include dogs, cats, rats, mice, rabbits, mini pigs, birds, etc. Most people prefer a dog or cat because they are particularly helpful in treating depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), loneliness, social anxiety, and phobias.

It is important to understand that each emotional support animal has its own benefits and perks to treat your mental health disability. Your therapist recommends you an animal according to your mental health disorder and treatment requirements. However, people who suffer from depression and anxiety are mostly prescribed dogs because they are known for their unconditional loving nature. They remain friendly and loyal to their owners and provide them a sense of protection and safety. Being involved in physical activities, such as playing games, exercising, or walking with your dog, can help you stay fit, physically as well as mentally.

Key characteristics

While considering emotional support animals, it is important to talk about their key characteristics to understand the psychological and emotional benefits provided by keeping one. One of the first things that should be considered while choosing an emotional support animal is to consider its physical characteristics.

Here are a few key characteristics that are mandatory in every emotional support animal:


It is important to consider the size of your emotional support animal to ensure that you can easily keep it at your place. Some animals require a huge place, such as a garden or a playing area, while some small animals require less space. So, it is important to consider their size before choosing your perfect ESA.


You should check the legal requirements of the animals first. There are some exotic animals that are considered illegal in certain states.


Consider the allergies before choosing a particular animal. You should not be allergic to your ESA. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

Nature and habits

It is important to consider their nature and habits before choosing your ESA. Some animals are more aggressive in public and some require more attention from their owners. So you must ensure that you can control and train the animal you choose as your ESA.

The process to get an emotional support animal

In order to obtain an official for yourself, you have to qualify for your ESA by booking a quick consultation with a licensed mental health professional. You can get an appointment through online websites as well. You have to register yourself and get connected with your therapist. The mental health professional will assess your mental condition and if you meet the criteria for ESA ownership, you will be prescribed an official emotional support animal letter. This letter will provide you with legal permission to keep an ESA. You will receive an official email that will contain information regarding your treatment and your therapist. The letter contains the signature of your therapist to certify your mental health condition and ongoing treatment.

You don’t have to worry about your legal rights because they will be protected under Federal Law. Moreover, your landlord can not object to you keeping an ESA if you have proper documentation in the form of an esa letter for housing. This letter will provide you the right to live with your ESA even in a residential area with a no-pets policy. You can take your pet wherever you go without any fear of being discriminated against based on your mental health disability.

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