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Can You Take Your Emotional Support Donkey Aboard a Plane - 2022 Guide

If you are considering ESA therapy, you should gather enough information regarding it. Indeed an ESA is the most effective therapy but you have to attain an official ESA letter from a licensed therapist after a proper diagnosis of your mental health disability. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about the official letter. We will tell you in detail the benefits of having an ESA and how can you get an ESA certificate. So read this article till the end!

Are you dealing with emotional instability and mental health issues lately? You are not alone in this; there are millions of people who suffer from several mental health disorders. It is important to understand the importance of good mental health to be happy in life. People often ignore their mental well-being and do not seek professional help when required which leads to severe consequences. Mild symptoms of depression and anxiety can go away for some time but if they do not get properly treated, your problem becomes chronic which leads to many difficulties such as physical issues, work-life problems, failing relationships, and facing difficulty to do daily routine tasks. If you want to avoid all of these problems you should start taking your mental health seriously from today.

I am glad that you are looking for the benefits of ESA therapy to treat your mental health condition. ESA therapy is effective for most people going through depression, social anxiety, OCD, and PTSD. It can also be effective for other mental health disorders as well but it is specifically prescribed to cure these disabilities. The symptoms of poor mental health may not be obvious initially but when it starts getting worse, the symptoms become more obvious such as lack of energy, no motivation to do any task, intense feelings of sadness and hopelessness, feeling empty, stress, and nervousness, withdrawal from social gatherings, feeling lonely, being unhappy and many other symptoms that may appear.

Here are the major benefits of having an ESA around you all the time!

Major benefits of having ESA all the time

There are many psychological and emotional benefits of having an ESA with you all the time. It helps patients deal with their emotional and mental trauma and get back to normal life easily.

Keeps you happy and relaxed

It is scientifically proven that your furry pall has the tendency to boost your mood instantly. Being around animals naturally makes you feel more happy and relaxed. They transmit their positive energy into you by showering love and affection to you. They constantly need attention and love from their owners and their loveable and cute actions make you happy. It is important to show love and care towards them too to make them happy as well. When your energy will be consumed in trying to make your ESA happy you will automatically become happy and relaxed.

Distracts your mind from negativity

Another major benefit of having your ESA with you all the time is that it will keep you busy and occupied. You won’t find enough time to overthink and overanalyze depressing and unpleasant events that happened in your life. Being with your ESA will distract your mind from negative and overwhelming thoughts. Moreover, it will help you get back to your routine, for example, if you stay with your ESA all the time you have to take care of them as well which can make you want to sleep early.

Physical activities

Your emotional support animal will require a proper routine, regular walk, exercise, visits to the vet, and proper grooming. It will help you get to indulge in physical activities like walk, exercise, or playful activities with your emotional support animal letter. Physical activities help us stay active and more relaxed. It helps reduce the feelings of depression. It will be beneficial for your mental and physical health.

Accompanies you everywhere

Another benefit of having your ESA with you all the time is that you won’t feel alone. If you are someone who has social anxiety and refrains from going to social gatherings keeping an ESA with you can help you go out in gatherings without feeling left out or alone.

Reduces depression and anxiety

Having your ESA around you can help reduce depression and anxiety attacks. Anxiety creates unreasonable stress, worry, fears, and phobias and it is difficult to overcome them without professional support. When you feel extremely anxious, spend time with your ESA it can provide you comfort and relief by lowering the levels of anxiety. Their presence helps your body produce dopamine and endorphin that help in reducing depression and enhance the feelings of happiness, love, and bond.

Helps you avoid stressful situations

If you get into a stressful situation, your ESA can indulge you with them to avoid the situation. Stroking your furry pal can release your stress and intense emotions. It helps you positively channelize your energy and emotions.

Process of having an ESA

The process of getting an ESA is super easy. You gotta find an online website that will connect you with a professional therapist. They will diagnose your mental health disability and if you qualify the requirements for ESA, they will assign you one. You will be issued an official esa letter for housing to keep the ESA at your place. Your rights are being protected by the US Federal Fair Housing Act. No one has the right to deny your mental health disability and you will be legally allowed to keep your ESA with you anywhere you go even if pets are not allowed at that place.

If you think that you need an ESA to get better, get connected with your therapist today and make a request to keep an ESA. If your diagnosis meets the requirements, you will be prescribed an ESA by your licensed therapist ASAP, visit

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