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Managing workforce reduction and transition of employees requires a specialized skillset. 

If you are facing laying off or downsizing your workforce, changing its skill mix or anticipating a business closure, Rapid Response services can help you meet your business requirements while at the same time, carefully balancing the needs of your employees and the community.  Dedicated experts mobilize immediately on behalf of businesses to help the employer navigate government regulations, take advantage of workforce resources, and coordinate employee expectations. 


Rapid Response activities include an initial meeting with the employer and follow-up orientations for the workers affected by a potential layoff situation to share information about available employment transition services for workers that have lost their jobs as a result of a layoff or facility closure. Our services are provided not only to the employers but also to the workers affected by the layoffs. We begin by enrolling those impacted by layoffs in employment training and placement services and have a strong track record of successfully placing laid off workers in new jobs with little or no break in employment. 


We recognize that some workers will need more time and training before they are ready to re-enter the workforce. We support those workers into vocational retraining, including English as a Second Language classes for speakers of several different languages (including Spanish and Chinese).


The Rapid Response Transition Team can help your employees with job search assistance. They can also provide the help that you need to manage the workforce reduction and transition of your employees and ensure stability in the community in a positive and productive way.

Rapid Response Team Members include:
  • Rapid Response Coordinator

  • Employment Development Department – State of California Unemployment Insurance

  • EASTBAY Works One-Stop Business and Career Center Partners

  • U.S. Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration – COBRA and pension benefits

  • City of Oakland and Economic Development Partnerships

  • Service Providers such as Financial Advisors, Debt Counselors and Stress Counselors

  • Business Representatives

  • Local Officials

Contact our Business Services/Rapid Response Manager for more information.


Phone: (510) 675-7909


A Testimonial from Raybern Foods, Hayward, CA


When Raybern’s Foods announced the closure of two of its California facilities, approximately 160 production and management workers would lose their jobs. They brought in experts on unemployment insurance; resume writing; job skills training, COBRA, Affordable Care Act (ACA); pension benefits; and representatives from the One Stop Career Centers for job search assistance. Most importantly, they recruited 9 different food production employers who had a demand for similar skills and held two job fairs on-site to introduce our talent pool to potential new employers.


This was a tremendous boost for our employees. Potential employers were able to interview job seekers on the spot with little or no disruption to our production activities. Importantly, these invaluable services were performed at no cost to us. Workers stayed on the job until close of business and then moved into new jobs with little or no down time.


I cannot thank both agencies enough for all their hard work and effort in helping us through this difficult transition. Their professional staff led us step-by-step through the process making this a successful endeavor for Raybern’s.

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