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Employment Services

Oakland Career Center

Trans Pacific Centre Headquarters


Mayra Ramirez, Adult Career Services Manager

(510) 675-7909


Ellery Graves, Case Manager

(510) 675-7902

Glenn Bell, Reentry Services

(510) 675-7916


Kevin Wilhelm, Computer Applications

(510) 675-7910

Tonja Fuller Bryant, Employment Case Specialist

(510) 675-7912

Mike Davis, Employment Case Specialist

(510) 675-7914

Angelica Garcia, Mobile Case Manager


Angelica Garcia, Mobile Case Manager


West Oakland Career Center

1801 Adeline Office

Germaine Davis, Office Manager

(510) 419-0392

Yawo Tekpa, Case Manager

(510) 768-4471

Business Services   
Greg Baty
Strategic Partnership and Fund Development


Cindy Burnett
Development Director
California Jobs Infrastructure


Downtown Trans Pacific Centre Headquarters

Gay Plair-Cobb

CEO Emerita

Raymond Lankford, CEO

(510) 675-7911

Denise Ellis Fiscal Director

(510) 675-7904


Richard de Jaurequi, Chief Operating Officer

(510) 675-7917

Patsy Angelillo, Office Manager

(510) 675-7901


Marie Andrade lopes, Payroll/Benefits Specialist

(570) 675-7907

Panrada Srisombat

Janet Pan, Accounts Payable Manager

(510) 675-7906

Tian Zhang, Account Specialist II

(510) 675-7912

Oakland Private Industry Council 
Board of Trustees

Kitty Kelly Epstein, Board Chair
Ray Bobbitt, Finance Committee Chair
Aisha Brown
Terryn Buxton
Paul Cobb
Alan Dones
Troy Williams

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